A 13/16" Koraat Razor
A 13/16" Koraat Razor
A 13/16" Koraat Razor
A 13/16" Koraat Razor
A 13/16" Koraat Razor
A 13/16" Koraat Razor
A 13/16" Koraat Razor

A 13/16" Koraat Razor

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A 13/16" Koraat Razor


13/16" Square Pointed, half-hollow ground.  A beautifully made razor and potential classic of the future. It has had one careful owner.

Guaranteed shave ready.

Made in 2017.  

This razor is clean, sharp and in shave ready condition


Koraat razors are enjoying an excellent reputation. Why? See for yourself. A truly well made razor made by a modern craftsman.


Classic straight razors are my passion.  I shave with one every single day, and it's my pleasure to resurrect these razors and present them to you.

All my razors are 

  • sterilized, 
  • cleaned,
  • stripped down, 
  • polished, 
  • repaired (where necessary)
  • re-assembled,
  • honed on a succession of the finest Japanese or Ardennes Coticule water hones


About this Koraat razor

This is a beauty. The blade is wonderfully made, with classic lines.

The scales and spacer are the beautiful originals, made of wild olivewood and brass. I have tried to show the colour in the scales in the photographs.  The quality of the blade edge is now excellent.  The razor was taped during the honing process by me to protect the design of the spine.  The steel honed beautifully on an Ardennes Coticule. 

If you want an excellent shaving razor made in the tradition of fine knives and razors, this is for you.  It is sold with its beautiful presentation box.

My share of the profits will be donated to a Foodbank - everyone wins.


Please note that the photos were taken after the blade was honed



What's been done?


  • The razor has been sterilized in Barbicide solution
  • A new bevel set on the blade with a Naniwa Chosera 1k, followed by my favourite Ardennes Coticule for the famously smooth feel.  The razor was then stropped on linen, Latigo and Cordovan shell.


The blade passes the "hanging hair test", for what that's worth. More importantly the blade's edge is smooth! It is now ready for use by you.