Shipping information

Shipping information.


1. Sending me a razor to restore or hone.

If you intend to send me a razor for honing or restoration, please ensure that it's well packaged and sent by a tracked postage service.  This provides peace of mind for me and for you too. Let me know when you've sent it so that I can keep an eye out for it.


2. Sending your restored razor to you.

I take every care to ensure that your restored razor makes its way to you safely and quickly.  As you can see from the video, your razor is well packaged.

I prefer to send envelopes as they can usually be posted directly through letter boxes if that's your preference.  Your razor will be sent by a tracked service.

The pivot and blade at given a drop of light mineral oil to protect it on its way. This wipes off with a tissue, or, you could shave with it as it is.  

Your razor will arrive ready to shave with straight out of the box. Just soap up and enjoy a vintage Rasals shave.