Making Scales

Making Scales.

Scales are the handles of a razor, into which the blade folds when not in use.  The scales comprise two sides and a spacer.  Scales are held together by a pin, which is hammered round over washers.  The razor is supported in the scales by the same method, but I always place internal washers between the razor pivot and the scales.  I even make my own washers to protect your razor.

Scales provide protection and balance to a shave.  They are also visually striking. Below is a Victorian wedge housed in bespoke blonde horn scales. Even black acrylic, when polished up to a high sheen, looks great.



Below is a Mappin razor (made around 1864) which new scales of buffalo horn and a blonde horn spacer (plus the necessary washers).



Below is a razor with red acrylic scales and handmade washers.



I can make bespoke scales for your razor from a variety of materials including horn, bone, acrylic or other synthetic materials.