Shave for the sake of your health

This is a blog that I've wanted to write for some time. It's about the public health elements of razor restoration.



Let's start at the point that James Bond got shaved by a straight razor savvy beauty and the world of wet shaving changed forever. Not only did 007 get a great shave, but straight razors became cool again.

What happens when demand suddenly outstrips supply? Economics, that's what. Economics in the form of eBay and similar sites. There were a whole load of razors out there waiting for buyers and the internet was a convenient way to get hold of one.

For many reasons, the internet can be a pretty bad bang for your shaving buck. Not only could the choice of a vendor's empty promises of a shave ready razor result in a bad shave, it could also be bad for your health.



Looking at that can, you'd probably not want to use it, would you? In fact, I'd be surprised if you weren't worried about cutting your finger on the can's rusty lid. Yet, it's astounding how many are prepared to shave with the razor equivalent of that rusty old can. 

Now, the unpleasant truth. Razors can be filthy things. Filthy and lethal.

Believe me. Not only do we humans bleed, but soap scum can harbour bacteria and germs too. Even razors which look, at first glance, clean and shiny can be nurseries of germs and bacteria.  I've seen hundreds, if not thousands of razors in their natural, pre-restored state: it's not pretty.


Shaving with a shoddily restored razor can be a health lottery.


This is why it's really important buy a razor that's clean; surgically clean.  In my opinion, no razor can be considered totally clean if it's not unpinned, leaving no refuge for bio-hazards.

 See this razor, not only is it rusty, but it's dirty too.


This is why all my razors are stripped down, thoroughly cleaned, chemically and also through friction and handraulic power.  I give germs and bacteria no chance to lurk on the razor or scales. I owe you that much.


 This is the same razor during restoration. It will soon be safe for shaving.


So, whereas vintage really can't be beaten when it comes to quality, there's no excuse for dirty vintage. Razor restoration, like a famous bleach product, should leave all germs dead.

Be clean shaven with a clean razor. Your health depends on it.



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