Not a Cut Throat Business

I am very proud that scores of men and women have bought their first straight razor from me.  That so many go on to buy a second, and more from me, means a lot to me. 

Selling someone a razor is a privilege.  It's not like selling someone a pair of shoes or a burger.  I have spent hours working on the razor, producing a smooth shaving razor to the best of my ability.  After all, a razor is held up to the face.  It's got to be just right. I want all my razors to impress, for people to be amazed by their straight razors. If not, people might think that straight razor shaving is not for them.  They might think that they have the wrong sort of beard or that they couldn't get their angles right when wielding the blade.  They might think that it's their fault; worse, their failure.

Selling someone a straight razor is not a cut throat business, I'm serious about that. It's something I believe in. 

I get sent a lot of allegedly 'shave ready' razors that customers have bought from other companies or on eBay and want me to fix. I get sent them because they are not fit to be used.  Some are dirty (therefore potentially dangerous). Some are blunt or partially honed. 

Something is clearly wrong and I know what's it is.

1. James Bond got himself shaved by a straight razor savvy beauty.


Yes. In a moment, thousands of men thought, wow, that's sexy, give me some. The trouble is, this created a demand that couldn't be filled.  There were very few people who had the skills to prepare a shave ready razor.

Let's not blame James Bond, Esq.  It's not his fault that scores of people got switched on to straight razor shaving.  I am glad that they did. But where did all the would-be straight razor shavers turn to?

2. They turned to eBay.

Yes, indeed. They looked online; they looked to the biggest auction site in the world.  What did they find? They found razors.  Unfortunately for every scrupulous, trustworthy seller on eBay there's an incompetent, inexperienced YouTube razor honer and restorer.  The number of razors sold on eBay is astounding. Perhaps you might want to read more here.  A razor has to be sharp, but it has to be smooth. It has to be clean, surgically clean. A dirty razor could, unfortunately, ruin your health or even kill you.

I admit, I have sold a number of razors on eBay. Here's my profile and I'm proud of it.  I have made a number of excellent friends from eBay sales too.

I think that the time to move on from eBay has arrived.  It's hard to sell steak next to burgers. I care very much about traditional skills and methods, I care about bringing the best out of every razor.  The trend for flamboyant razors and big, brash nipple-like washers are fine, for those who like that sort of thing.  Trouble is, it's not authentic.

I hope that my work will make people appreciate that the traditionally prepared vintage straight razor is, probably, the best option available. 

Plus, proceeds from my sales go to support my favourite Foodbank; everyone wins.

I look forward to helping you find your favourite razor.





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