Introducing the Veterans!

The Veterans

Seen plenty of action, but ready for duty!

I'm proud to announce the launch of a new range of reasonably priced vintage razors - the Veterans!

Over the years I have collected scores of vintage razors which have the potential to be absolutely fine shaving razors.

Often, these razors are scarred and pitted and would require a lot of remedial work to restore them to my usual standard.  Of course, time means money and increased costs. 

A friend of mine suggested that I should get these razors cleaned up, sanitized, honed and sold at a price that would encourage more people to try a straight razor and still support my charities.  As you know, nothing beats a vintage razor.

They may have been in the wars, but they are by no means unfit for action.  So, I thought, why not?

Meet the Veterans.

The Veteran range is cheaper than the restored razors I usually sell, but they are all high quality, vintage razors made of great Sheffield or Solingen steel; they are all fine, smooth shavers too.

The distinctive feature of this range of razors is that you pay the price and I select a razor for you. It's buying without seeing, but without the risk. These razors are ready for active service!

 So why are they cheaper?

The razors will be cheaper because the scales will only be stripped down at the pivot end; less time will be spent removing scars and pitting; the scales won't be replaced if they have minor imperfections (although I guarantee that the scales will be fully functional).  Also, the razors won't be shipped in a new case like a fully restored razor.

Importantly, the biggest saving is derived from the not having to spend time photographing and listing the razors for the store! This way, I get to do what I love, restoring vintage razors and supporting the Foodbank - you get a fine, smooth shaving, restored razor.

The razors might have:

  • chipped or scratched (but fully functional) scales;
  • hone wear to the razor;
  • corrosion pitting or scars to the razor.

 I guarantee that the Veterans will be:

  • Stripped down
  • Rust free
  • Surgically clean 
  • Honed and stropped
  • Ready for action!

Buy a Veteran & support a Veteran


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  • Great idea Huw. I am always keen to get these old boys back into service again – which is what they were made for. Pitting and hone wear = 100+ years of patina.


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