More razors available for sale - SOON!

Looking for a straight razor? Perhaps your first straight razor? More importantly, you're looking for a straight razor that's surgically clean and well prepared: a razor to be proud of.



As you know, I love to restore razors, stripping them down to remove the damage done by years of neglect. More importantly, I remove all threats to your health.  When you get your razor from, you get a razor that will give you a buttery smooth shavel and provide years of great service.

Plus, I don't know if it's important to you, but it really is for me: when you buy from me, you support charities. Your purchase actually puts food on a stranger's plate through a Food-Bank or Pantry. Moving money to where it's needed to do some good in the world. It's my primary motivation. Shave well and live a meaningful life.

Now while I really love to restore, repair and hone vintage and antique razors, I seem to find any excuse not to list them for sale! I have even been known to take the dog for an extra walk to avoid listing razors.  I must be averse to listing stock

I know that many people have been getting in touch asking for suitable razors. I apologise for this.


So, people, keep your eye out on my store - new razors are coming. 



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