Style with a Yorkshire accent

Let me introduce you to a lovely razor. It's Sheffield made and a Victorian beauty.

Like all my restores, this razor has been entirely restored and re-pinned.  So, I got to know this razor very well as I was working on it. Here it is, in its original horn scales with a new lead spacer (made by me). 

This razor was beautifully made; ground by masters of their craft. Those of you who know Sheffield razors are likely to respond by saying, "So what? Sheffield razors were all well made". Of course, that's true.  What makes this razor special is that it reflects a Sheffield twist to a style of grinding made popular in Germany. What's more, it does it superbly.


When it comes to hollow ground razors, there's a belief that German made hollows push the limits, whereas Sheffield made hollows were a bit stiffer, more dependable or comfortable. 


That's generally correct.  Think of the difference between a racing bicycle and an all terrain bike.  It's all in the twitchy factor, Solingen made, highly ground razors are amazing, at their extreme they can feel like shaving with something as thin as aluminium foil. 

This razor, however, takes the German approach to grinding and makes it Sheffield. It is beautifully ground. Whenever I see a Victorian ground era razor, I always think about the craftsman who looked at the razor as it came off the grinding wheels, that's it, enough. Whoever ground this razor, was a true craftsman.

This razor proclaims, anything you can do, Solingen, we can do as better and with Yorkshire style.





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