Straight Razors

Lovingly repaired

A damaged Dorko is fitted with bespoke horn inlays.

Using the finest raw materials

Selecting suitable buffalo horn for the inlays and scales.

Traditional skills and craftsmanship

Making horn inlays

Taking time and care

A restoration will last a lifetime

Customer's comments

As with all of your razors, it shaved absolutely superbly - very smooth and comfortable. You have done a marvellous job restoring it, and it is a lovely old razor.

Mr Gilroy

Another finely tuned straight razor that shaves oh so smoothly. You are a straight razor genius!

Mr McGregor

Beautiful razor that has been restored superbly, very happy with it. Excellent.

Mr Rose

Fast shipping, great service and wonderful seller would buy again, thank you

Mr Jones

Excellent restoration and craftsmanship. I cannot recommend enough. Thank you!

Mr. E.

An amazing piece of expertly restored history. Couldn't be happier. Excellent

Mr F.

Another very fine straight razor, from a very fine antique razor restorer!

Mr McGregor

Arrived safely; beautiful razor, restored to perfection. Thank you

Mr Evans

My first vintage razor. Glad I chose it over a new one. Super sharp and elegant

Mr G.

The most useful antiques in the world

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